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  • Autobody Teacher and Students Teach How to Paint A Car using Eastwood Products

    Donnie Smith's (AKA "Butler Collision") YouTube channel has for a while now been a wealth of FREE knowledge for anyone interested in learning more about the collision or autobody hobby and trade. Recently Donnie and his students decided to tackle a color change on a 2003 Mustang and document the supplies, costs, and time needed to do the job. Along the way they're using DIY-geared Eastwood products to help make the job easier AND more cost effective. We're excited to see how the car turns out and maybe we'll even learn a thing or two ourselves along the way! Make sure you follow the project on their Collision Blast Blog.
  • What More Can You Learn About Automotive Restoration?

    Here's a famous friend of McPherson College's Automotive Restoration Degree Program.

    I recently found out that McPherson College in Kansas is the only school in the U.S. offering a full 4-year degree in automotive restoration. So why am I telling this to you, someone who obviously knows a thing or two about the subject?

    Well, one reason might be that you want to take it up a notch from being a weekend hobby to a full-time career. And if it's already your career, maybe a 4-year degree can help you expand your business. Nothing like making money at something you enjoy!

    Here are some ways a 4-year degree in auto restoration might come in handy: expand and improve your skills as a general restoration technician, open your own restoration business, work for an auction company or museum, manage a collection, or work in other car-related businesses.

    They all sound like good reasons to me to at least check it out here, whether for yourself or for someone you know who loves cars.

    You can tell a lot about a college program by its friends, and here's a little nugget from that web site...
    "This unique automotive restoration program attracted the attention of classic car enthusiast Jay Leno. In 1997, Leno established the Fred J. Duesenberg Scholarship at McPherson College to provide financial assistance for automotive restoration students. One year later, Leno combined forces with Popular Mechanics magazine to provide a full scholarship each year for a sophomore restoration student."

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