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  • Kevin S., Senior Product Marketing Manager- What Makes Us Tick

    What's your favorite Eastwood product? Why? Eastwood TIG 200 AC/DC welder. Having access to the advanced process of TIG welding at an affordable price is great. I have always wanted a TIG welder in my home shop, but could never justify the expense. The value of the Eastwood TIG 200 AC/DC welder has opened up the door to welding aluminum and stainless for me.
  • Analyzing The Latest Trends In Car Collecting

    This restored stock 1955 Chevrolet Nomad sold for $81,400, including buyer fee, at Barrett-Jackson's 2012 Scottsdale auction. (Photo: Barrett-Jackson)

    Long-time car-collecting experts and SPEED TV on-air analysts Rick DeBruhl and Steve Magnante have spent many an auction analyzing what’s going on around them, judging the marketplace, and evaluating the spikes and trends that continually shape the industry as a whole.

    One of the more notable trends of this past decade has been the evolution of customizing. While hot-rodding (taking an original piece and tinkering with its performance and styling) is a time-honored tradition that dates back to World War II, the “resto-mod” movement has become the preferred method for the newest generation of restorers.

    Resto-mods are the modern-day evolution of customizing a vehicle. In short, restorers fit historic cars with new drivetrains, updated engines, state-of-the art technology and modern-day conveniences, turning out user-friendly rides that still retain a yesteryear appeal.

    Click here for the complete analysis at You'll find it well-researched and nicely written, and as an Eastwood customer, you're sure to enjoy the read. You might even get some good ideas!

  • SEMA 2012- Eastwood Company Part 3 Coverage

    Traditionally a lot of show cars, especially SEMA cars were known to be mostly all "show" and not a car you could drive on the street or the track. Many people even joke that these cars never see the road and are even pushed on and off the trailer (some still are but we won't point fingers!). For instance if it was a paint company they would have a stock car with beautiful paint and shiny wheels.. but underneath and inside nothing was done to enhance the car, while speed parts companies had cars that had a insane engine in a car that didn't run or couldn't even drive.. all ends of spectrums had cars that showed off their specific niche, but few had the "complete" package.

    These days the overall quality of show cars has risen and many of the cars are streetable-borderline race cars with a show car exterior and interior. It isn't uncommon to see a muscle car with the full suspension, wheel and tire combo, and big brakes to allow it to go around a road course as fast as an Italian sports car. It's quite mind-blowing when you look at how much fabrication, engineering, and design work has gone into these cars to allow them to be winners on the show field AND monsters on the track. The buzz term these days seems to be "Pro-Touring". Many classic cars are themed this way.. but I mean who wouldn't want the best of everything!

    Here's another batch of show vehicles from SEMA. Stay tuned as we dig through more pictures and video!

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