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  • Jay Leno talks classic cars and more

    You know Jay Leno as the very funny host of NBC's "Tonight" Show, but did you know he's a classic car buff too? Jay hosts a web site called "Jay Leno's Garage", and has even included Eastwood automotive restoration products in a few videos, one of which you can watch here, and another here.

    You'll really enjoy viewing his engaging videos, reading the articles, and seeing the photos you'll find at JayLenosGarage.com. The videos are a special treat, because Jay is quite knowledgeable about cars and restoration, having restored classics and purchased collectible cars for several years. Add in his humor and you can see why you'll be thoroughly entertained.

    To enjoy any of his short videos about a wide variety of classic collectible cars (10-20 minutes each), click here.

    It's a whole new side to Jay Leno that you may not have known about! So do yourself a favor and let Jay take you along for the ride.

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  • Insane In-Car Race Videos! 1700HP Dragster!

    It is a short week for most of us working-folk. I won't force you to think too much this week. I have always loved in-car race videos, where it feels like you are right there in the drivers seat. This week I picked some of my recent favorite in-car videos. So sit back, relax, and enjoy my favorite in-car YouTube videos of the week!


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