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  • West Coast Report 33rd Edition by John Gilbert

    Wow, finishing up the Hot Rod to Hell in time to leave for the SEMA show in Las Vegas, November 4, and maintaining a punctual publishing schedule for the West Coast Report has been just a little tough. Of course those are not the only things I’ve had to deal with during this period of time. There’s been a ton of magazine features to write for American Truck, Classic Trucks, and Custom Classic Trucks. Did I ever mention that I work for a few different truck magazines? Speaking of mentioned, did I in past reports bring up the maiden run for the ’27 Ford track T has been switched from Hell, Michigan to Las Vegas, Nevada? I still intend to drive the car to Hell, but the SEMA show is something I can’t miss. I’ve been going to SEMA since it was held in Anaheim, California, and its offices were in a bank building in El Monte, CA. Gee, that was a long time ago.

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