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    Bullseye Pick 20" Reach

    Item #31002

    For angle picking around braces,
    gussets, other hard-to-reach places


    Use this 20" Bull's Eye Pick to straighten metal in blind areas quickly and accurately Originally designed for collision shops, this 20"-reach Bull's Eye Pick is also practical for restoration projects because it helps you repair dings in hard-to-reach areas.
    • 20" throat depth
    • Faster than hammer-and-dolly for hard-to-reach spots
    • Spring-loaded handle lets you strike a repetitive series of accurate, light blows

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    About Bullseye Pick 20" Reach

    Perfect for angle-picking around braces, gussets or other hard-to-reach places because you'll know exactly where the pick will strike. Site does not have to be flat on the surface to work—just tilt it to any angle needed to clear an underside brace and you'll still get excellent results. Spring-loaded to return to open position when released. Powder-coated metal parts. Use the optional blunt tip (31004B) for striking a larger area and preventing ugly pick marks (ideal for aluminum).


    Bull's Eye Pick, 20" Reach


    31004B Blunt Tip
    31004 Extra Standard Tip
    31006 Extra Springs (3)
    50135 Delrin Tip Set (1 blunt, 1 standard)
    31000 3-Pc. Bull's Eye Pick Set (15", 20", 30")

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