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    Butt Weld Clamps & Backers Kit

    Item #50739 Brand: Eastwood

    4 clamps align, grip panels; 2 copper welding backers support panels


    Master Welder's Panel-Holding Kit helps you produce better butt welds We've taken our popular butt-welding clamps and grouped them with our copper welding backers to create a convenient kit that helps you produce superior butt welds.
    • 4 Clamps align and grip panels
    • Clamps create the proper .040" gap for full weld penetration
    • 2 Welding Backers (4" and 8") support panels

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    About Butt Weld Clamps & Backers Kit

    The 4 butt-weld clamps align panels edge-to-edge and surface-to-surface, with the appropriate 0.040" gap that helps you produce clean welds with full penetration, minimal grinding. Use a magnetic copper welding backer (4" and 8" included) as a hands-free backing support when butt-welding and welding holes in sheet metal or whenever an open area needs to be bridged with a weld; prevents warping and burn-thru. Welding material will not stick to the copper plate.


    19016 Intergrip Clamps (4)
    22994 Copper Welding Backer (4")
    22995 Copper Welding Backer (8")


    Wear appropriate eye, hand and body protection.