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  • Calyx Manifold Coating 3 oz

    Calyx Manifold Coating 3 oz

    Item #11171 Brand: Calyx

    Rub-in an instant, long-lasting,
    cast-iron luster


    Rub-in an instant cast-iron luster with easy-to-use Manifold Dressing Your project vehicle's exhaust manifold will look like new after you rub it down with Calyx Manifold Dressing. It's easy to apply and long-lasting.
    • Rub-in with rag or toothbrush
    • No disassembly required
    • Enough for 8-10 typical V8 exhaust manifolds

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    About Calyx Manifold Coating 3 oz

    Though it's not as durable as our paint on coatings, it is convenient and easy to apply because there's no disassembly required. Just remove loose rust and rub-in thoroughly. Non-toxic and water-soluble. A little goes a long way: one container treats 8-10 typical V8 exhaust manifolds. Made in USA.


    For the best results, manifold should be removed, abrasive-blasted, and wiped down with PRE Painting Prep (10041Z) before applying. If you wish to apply Calyx while the manifolds remain installed on the engine, use a wire brush to remove surface rust and dirt, then wipe down with PRE. Apply Calyx with a rag or toothbrush, and work it into the pores of the metal. For a buffed appearance, use a fingernail brush.


    3-oz. container of Calyx Manifold Dressing, with instructions


    10041Z PRE Painting Prep, Aerosol

    MSDS Sheet

    Click Here for Material Safety Data Sheet

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