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    Carbide Burr Set Of Four

    Item #46067 Brand: Eastwood

    Precise metal removal when shaping,
    leveling, or porting ferrous metals


    Super-hard, 4-Pc. Carbide Burr Set grinds, shapes, smoothes and ports in hard-to-reach areas Use these double-cut, heat-treated, carbide burrs in a high-speed die grinder to make tough jobs easier. Long-reach burrs measure around 3" in overall length allow deep bowl blending in intake and exhaust ports.
    • Grind weld beads
    • Shape parts
    • Smooth rough castings
    • Port cylinder heads
    • 1 1/2"-long, 1/4"-dia. shafts

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    About Carbide Burr Set Of Four

    Precision-ground carbide, tool-steel-grade burrs work on steel, iron or aluminum heads. 20,000 maximum RPM.


    Cylinder Burr
    Bead Burr
    14-degree Tapered Cone Burr
    Cylinder Burr with radius end


    13119 Grinder's Grease


    Always wear appropriate eye protections.

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