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    Chassis Restoration kit - Gloss

    Item #51574Z Brand: Eastwood

    Convert rust to a primer, encapsulate it, topcoat with Extreme Chassis Black


    Chassis Restoration Kit helps you take on rust, and win! You get 2 cans of each of our 3 best rust fighters to stop rust in its tracks, convert it into a primer, then encapsulate and finish it so your vehicle's metal looks like it just rolled off the assembly line!
    • Rust Converter
    • Rust Encapsulator (Black)
    • Extreme Chassis Black (Gloss)

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    About Chassis Restoration kit - Gloss

    Are you restoring or repairing an old part? If that part is covered with surface rust, this is the kit for you. This kit will save you time and money and prevent the rust from returning. Simply apply Eastwood's Rust converter over the surface rust and before you know it, the rust is converted to an inert base that can be used as a primer. Then apply an inter coat of Rust Encapsulator, this will ensure the rust will never return and then top coat with Chassis Black and you'll have a beautiful finish that looks like it just rolled off the assembly line.


    Contains 2 cans of 51482Z Rust Converter 2 cans of 16060z Rust encapsulator 2 cans of 11172Z Extreme Chassis Black Gloss


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    Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection.


    1 year warranty Made in USA

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