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Why Maxx Power brand?
Eastwood has launched our own brand of performance and specialty components under the Maxx Power line. These components and parts are manaufactured to our new strict quality standards so the customer is assured of proper form, fit and function of each part purchased.

Why do I need it?
We have developed these units using the latest technology in permanent magnets and high temperature solenoids that will handle just about any size engine and produce quick and reliable starting performance.

1.7KW (2.25 Horsepower) motors with high-temp solenoid windings withstand the heat and will eliminate the dreaded "heat soaked" solenoids and hard starts of the GM units.

These units will also clear just about any set of headers on the market.

What do the Maxx Power Starters fit?
#11278 GM small and big block 1953-86 "straight" bolt pattern.
#11728 GM small and big block 1953-86 "staggered" bolt pattern
#11730 Ford 1965-95 302CID with automatic transmission
#11731 Ford 1965-95 302CID with manual transmission

Tech Q and A
How do the wires hook up?
The electrical connections and just as the OE units.

Do they fit Pontiac 400's?
No. We currently do not have the aluminum casting that fits the Pontiac motors.

11729 GM "straight" bolt pattern
The 11729 is the less popular and has the offset or staggered bolt pattern.

11729 GM "staggered" bolt pattern

The 11728 is the most popular model and is easily identified by the "parallel bolt pattern.

If the customer is unsure, have them simply check the existing starter motor and identify the bolt pattern.