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Why Maxx Power brand?
Eastwood has launched our own brand of performance and specialty components under the Maxx Power line. These components and parts are manaufactured to our new strict quality standards so the customer is assured of proper form, fit and function of each part purchased.

Performance features

  • 50,000-volt coil for consistent and hot spark control
  • Di-electric cap and roter with aluminum terminals for elimination of cross fire
  • OE equivalent centrifugal advance mechanisum and vacuum canister assure quick throttle response
  • High performance ignition module controls spark upto 6,500 rpm
  • Accurately machined and polished aluminum housing and HRC20-25 drive gear
Why do I need it?
We have developed these units using OE equivalent castings, rotors, centirifugal weight machanisums and bushing for drop-in performance out of the box. The #11769 is dead-on to OE with the correct black cap, copper terminals and HRC20 gear.

The #11770 is a high performance unit with a polished aluminum machined housing, 50,000 volt coil, performance rotor and cap with aluminum terminals and 6,500rpm performance ignition module.

These units will breath new life into your engine with better fuel economy, quicker starts, better idle and more horsepower over existing points type or worn OE units.

What does the Maxx Power GM Ignition Distributor fit?
The #11769 and #11770 GM HEI OE and Performance units will fit any small or big block Chevy from 1955-80.

Tech Q and A

Why two different units?
The #11769 has the OE type 35,000-40,000-volt coil and correct color black cap with copper terminals.

The #11770 unit has performance components, 50,000-volt coil, red cap with aluminum terminals, HRC20-25 hardended gear, and polished housing and performance ignition module.

Why don't you have Ford and Mopar units?
We are launching the brand with the best selling units and will add and expand the product line as sales grow.

Can I use these with a Roller Cam?
You will have to check with the cam manufacturer and determine if a HRC 20-HRC25 hardened gear is compatible with the cam drive gear. If not, you can purchase replacement gears very readily.