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Need more filler over self-etching primers? Use FeatherFill® G2™

Only $29.99

Sale $24.88

Learn from the flame legend himself, Mickey Harris, on this DVD

Only $20.49

Sale $16.88

Eliminates the need to adjust mix ratio on the fly as weather changes

Only $6.99

Sale $5.88

Quick fix for hard-to-find micro pinholes prior to primer application

Only $44.99

Sale $36.88

Clean, degrease, polish old hardware in your tumbler to look like new

Starting at: $5.88

Premium acrylic urethane topcoat for exceptional long-lasting beauty

Starting at: $15.99

"Glossify" your protected Plasti-Dipped item!

Only $9.99

Sale $6.88

Protect your 1100cc - 1500cc motorcycle from the elements with DuPont® Shield® fabric.

Only $29.99

Sale $25.88

Water-based formula removes anodize coatings in as fast as 20 minutes

Only $29.99

Sale $11.88

Holds our Original HotCoat Powder Coating Gun to prevent "drop" damage

Only $19.99

Sale $12.88

6 bottles of Dye Concentrate for our Leak Detection Kit

Only $19.99

Sale $11.88

Keep your tools where you can find them when you need them

Only $17.99

Sale $6.99

Hands-free filling, mixing; upright design lets you keep air hose attached
Only $25.99
Easy-mix black bedliner kit stays flexible and tough as nails

Only $144.99

Sale $92.88

Start at the beginning with instruction by legend Mickey Harris

Only $30.99

Sale $23.88

Quickly removes any removable-type hinge pins with a direct strike

Only $29.99

Sale $21.88

MAX® protection from the elements for your full-size car.

Only $139.99

Sale $117.88

Great for making any color your own custom mix.

Only $67.99

Sale $53.88

Single-component primer surfacer; high solids for faster film build

Only $47.99

Sale $38.88

Softens paint, powder coatings for easy scrape-off

Only $14.99

Sale $8.88

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