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    Complete Airbrushing System

    Item #12570 Brand: Eastwood

    Includes airbrush, hose, 1/8-HP compressor, regulator, paint sampler


    Beginner's Airbrushing Kit even includes a 1/8-HP compressor Eastwood's Airbrush Kit has what you need to create those eye-catching custom graphics and fiery flames you've seen on show cars and racing cars.
    • Airbrush and Hose
    • Compressor and Regulator
    • Paint Color Sampler Pack
    • Instructions

    About Complete Airbrushing System

    Gravity-feed airbrush with 0.3mm fluid nozzle offers excellent balance and control. The 1/8-HP compressor goes anywhere an extension cord will reach, with sufficient volume and pressure. The Airbrush Filter/Regulator traps contaminants while supplying uniform pressure for consistent results. Practice creating custom effects with the water-based Auto-Air Color Sampler Kit.

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    Download product instructions

    Airbrush Kit With Compressor - How To Operate Instructions & Buyers Guide


    11610 Gravity-Feed Graphics Airbrush
    11607 1/8-HP Airbrush Compressor
    11608 Airbrush Filter Regulator
    12169 Eastwood 9' Airbrush Hose
    12572 Auto-Air Paint Sampler with 5 Colors and Reducer
    Instruction Booklet


    Always wear appropriate eye, skin and respiratory safety gear when painting.

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