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  • Eastwood Contour Rigid Sanding Board 2.75" X 17"

    Eastwood Contour Rigid Sanding Board 2.75" X 17"

    Item #31057 Brand: Eastwood

    For hand-sanding of flat surfaces


    For hand-sanding of flat surfaces, use Eastwood's 17"-long "Old School" Rigid Sanding Board

    This rigid sander features a lightweight aluminum base with an EVA foam sanding surface and a comfortable wooden handle to help you maintain a flat, even surface with minimal effort.

    • Foam-cushioned sanding pad
    • 2 spring-steel retaining clips secure sandpaper in place
    • Takes 17" x 2.75"-wide plain-backed sandpaper (not included)

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    About Eastwood Contour Rigid Sanding Board 2.75" X 17"

    Spring-steel retainers secure your sandpaper so it won't bind, crumple or come off the sander. Sanding surface is 17" long, 2.75" wide.


    Eastwood Rigid Sanding Board, 17" long


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    Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection when sanding. Apply paints and chemicals in a well-ventilated area away from open flame.

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