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  • Ingersoll Rand® 311A Dual Action Sander with 6 inch Pad

    Ingersoll Rand® 311A Dual Action Sander with 6 inch Pad

    Item #12598 Brand: Ingersoll Rand

    Dual-action sander produces swirl-free finishes


    6" Pneumatic Dual-Action Sander from Ingersoll-Rand® produces swirl-free finishes...you'll use less "elbow grease"! Super-quiet Ingersoll-Rand 6" Dual-Action Air Sander makes a great addition to your garage or shop for any work requiring precision sanding. Use this economical air-powered sander for feather-edging, metal preparation and finish work on body filler.
    • Built-in silencer muffles noise
    • Balanced ball-bearing construction for durability
    • Adjustable built-in regulator for positive speed control
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    About Ingersoll Rand® 311A Dual Action Sander with 6 inch Pad

    Dual-action pad motion produces smooth, no-pattern, swirl-free finishes. Adjustable speed control lets you match the speed to your application to help eliminate mistakes. Maximum free speed is 12,000 RPM, at which it uses 17 cfm. Low vibration.


    Ingersoll-Rand® 6" Dual-Action Air Sander
    Instruction Manual


    Rated power: 0.25 HP
    Pad diameter: 6" (150 mm)
    Spindle size: 5/16" - 24
    Vacuum-ready: No
    Weight: 4.2 lbs. (1.91 kg)
    Air consumption: 17 cfm at free speed
    Sound (pressure/power): 85.6/98.6 dB
    Air inlet: 3/8"


    All are 6"-dia. aluminum oxide sanding discs. Get the specific grits you need, in the backing you need, and the multi-pack size you want.

    Paper-Backed, 5-Pack
    12141 P80-grit
    12152 P180-grit
    12151 P320-grit
    12149 P400-grit
    12148 P600-grit
    50893 P1500-grit
    50894 P2000-grit

    Paper-Backed, 25-Pack
    19626 P80-grit
    19620 P120-grit
    19621 P180-grit
    19622 P220-grit
    19623 P320-grit
    19624 P400-grit
    19625 P600-grit

    Paper-Backed, 50-Pack
    14063 P40-grit

    Paper-Backed, 100-Pack
    19619 P80-grit
    19616 P120-grit
    31359 P180-grit
    31360 P220-grit
    31361 P320-grit
    19617 P400-grit
    19618 P600-grit

    Film-Backed, 100-Pack
    50884 P80-grit
    50885 P120-grit
    50886 P180-grit
    50887 P240-grit
    50888 P320-grit
    50889 P400-grit
    50890 P600-grit

    Film-Backed, 500-Pack
    50883 P40-grit


    1-year mfr's. warranty against defects.


    Always wear gloves and eye protection.

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