Eastwood Glass Scratch Remover Instructions: How to Remove Deep Scratches & Dings

Items Needed

  • - A pneumatic angle sander like our (#31193) 5” High Speed Sander, a DA Random Orbital Sander with 4” to 5” backing pad, or a double insulated electric drill (Be sure to adhere to manufacturers safety instructions)
  • - Properly fitted Dust Mask like our (#13000) Dust Mask
  • - Source of slow running water or pump spray bottle
  • - Marker, Tape, or Crayon


  1. 1. Thoroughly wash glass to be repaired.

  2. 2. Remove trim as necessary to gain access to entire damaged area.

  3. 3. Mask surrounding area to minimize clean up.

  4. 4. Put on a dust mask. NOTE: A large amount of silica dust is generated in this process. The use of a properly fitted dust mast is a must to avoid silicosis!

  5. 5. Attach Hookit™ backing to center of 4” - 5” backing pad on your air powered sander.

  6. 6. Assess depth of scratch. Use the mildest abrasive that you think will remove the scratch. It is very difficult to avoid creating waves in the glass when using the Coarse (Green) Abrasive Disc. It’s better to start with the Medium (Blue) Abrasive and then go to the Coarse (Green) if needed. If you do need the most aggressive abrasive, use the coarse (green) pad on a DA sander, keeping it as flat to the surface as possible. Follow with the medium (blue) and fi ne (orange) on a high-speed sander (like our #31193).

  7. 7. Attach abrasive to Hookit™ backing pad.

  8. 8. Use a crayon, or tape to mark the damaged area on the reverse side of the glass.

  9. 9. Moisten glass and abrasive with water.

  10. 10. Work abrasive evenly in overlapping passes across the damaged area, keeping the disc as fl at as possible. The frosted appearance will diminish as you progress through the finer abrasives and will be beautifully clear once completed.

  11. 11. Keep surface wet as you recondition the glass. Use a pump spray bottle or slow running hose.

  12. 12. Dry surface and check progress periodically.

  13. 13. Once the Scratch has been removed proceed to the next finer grit abrasive eventually using the Pro Glass Polishing Kit to bring the glass up to like new clarity. Refer to the instructions on the Glass Polishing Compound.

Replacement Items

Replacement Coarse (Green) 5” Abrasive Pad(#40030B)
Replacement Medium (Blue) 5” Abrasive Pad (#40030C)
Replacement Fine (Orange) 5” Abrasive Pad (#40030D)
Replacement Hookit™ Conversion Pad Face (#40030A)
Pro Glass Polishing Wheel (#40011A)
Pro Glass Polishing Compound (#40011B)