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Devilbiss Dekups DIY Start Up Kit

Item #29953 Brand: DeVilbiss

34-oz. disposable-cup starter kit helps you paint with less mess


34-oz. DeKups® Disposable-Cup Starter Kit helps you paint with less mess Save clean-up time and make it easier to use your gun at any angle with DeKups's Disposable-Cup System from DeVilbiss.
  • Two 34-oz. reusable cups
  • 32 disposable cup liners and lids
  • Much more...see "More Info" tab below

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About Devilbiss Dekups DIY Start Up Kit

Now you can avoid paint spills and eliminate cup cleaning. DeKups® disposable cups are inexpensive and easier to use than other disposable systems because they lock-on the gun better, and are a snap to remove and replace.


Adapters for DPC-81, DPC-31*, Sata Nr2000 and RP Spray Guns
2 Reusable Cups (34-oz.) and Collars
32 Disposable Cup Liners and Lids
10 each: Funnels, Filters, Shaker Plugs, and Measuring Guides

*The DPC-31 Adapter fits these current and discontinued models: Starting Line Guns 20491, 12506, 12505, 34566; FinishLine Guns 19160, 34223, 34287, 34286, 34227, 34157A, 34224, 20439, 34171, 19648; 34160 (Binks M1G), and the Sharpe Razor 14058 and 14059.

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