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Detail Paint Set 3 Cans

Item #10110Z Brand: Eastwood

Duplicate the original metal: Detail
Gray, Aluma Blast, Spray Gray


3 Detail Paints protect and duplicate the original look of many metal parts on your car These Eastwood paint formulations are as close as you can come to the original metal. Just spray them on for an OEM color match, and long-lasting protection.
  • Detail Gray™
  • Aluma Blast™
  • Spray Gray™

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About Detail Paint Set 3 Cans

These paints are formulated to protect and duplicate the original look of many metal parts on your car. Detail Gray is used for stamped or machined steel, rough cast aluminum and pot metal. Also for die-cast parts like alternator and distributor housings. Aluma Blast provides protection and durable finish for smooth-cast aluminum components. Spray Gray protects cast iron parts and maintains their fresh cast factory appearance. Protected up to 300 degrees by these paints, metal parts will keep that brand new look for a long time.


This set includes one aerosol can each of Detail Gray (10036Z), Aluma Blast (10109Z), and Spray Gray (10032Z). Each 12 oz. net wt can covers about 6 square feet.


Use PRE Painting Prep (10041Z) to remove residual grease, oil, and silicones.


Made in the USA. 30 Day Eastwood Warranty.


Apply 2 medium coats for best results. We recommend PRE Painting Prep (10041 Z) to remove oil. These paints can be applied directly to bare metal surfaces. These coatings are Alkyd Enamels that withstand up to 300 degrees F. Each can covers 6 sq ft. For better durability, use our Self Etching Primer (16014 Z) Aerosol, or (16009 ZP) Quart. Use these products in a well ventilated area, or wear a respirator like our Pro Respirator (34029).

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