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Devilbiss Champion Disposable Respirators

Item #15227 respirator

The Devilbiss Champion Respirator is ideal for any automotive paint or coating job


The brand new Devilbiss Champion Respirator is a must-have for any type of spray painting or automotive coating.

This large-sized Devilbiss Champion Respirator is the perfect face respirator for auto body coating projects. Get the Champion Respirator that provides you with trusted Devilbiss quality at a low cost.

  • NIOSH approved
  • Disposable dual cartridge respirator-OV/N95

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About Devilbiss Champion Disposable Respirators

Paint and aerosol fumes are filtered smoothly and completely through the dual cartridge respirator, making it both easy and safe to breath during automotive paint projects. Perfect for paint spraying, priming, undercoating and rust proofing jobs, this respirator delivers maintenance-free comfort and protection.


One suit


To preserve effectiveness, always store respirator in supplied sealed bag when not in use.

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