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Devilbiss Gunner 18Pc Cup And Lid Kit

Item #14066 Brand: DeVilbiss

Mix, flow and store paint all in the same cup


With the DeVilbiss Gunner Cup System, you'll mix, flow and store all in the same cup Measure and mix your paint using the mix ratio guide printed right on each cup. Then place the filter lid on top and attach to your spray gun (with adapter sold separately). When you're done, remove from gun and use one of the six flat lids for storage.
  • Mix, flow and store all in one cup
  • Ideal for waterborne and clear coats
  • Six 2-pc. cups with 200-micron filter lids (removable for primers)
  • Excellent fluid flow and color match

About Devilbiss Gunner 18Pc Cup And Lid Kit

The DeVilbiss Gunner Cup System is a well-thought-out and easy-to-use disposable cup system based around a 26-oz. graduated mixing cup. The system eliminates the need for expensive mixing cups, because this mixing cup is also the gun flow cup, and its storage container. Patented ventilation system and internal large 200-micron filter assure better fluid flow without restriction or starving. Separate gun adapter required.


Six 26-oz. Gunner System Cups
Six 200-micron Filter Lids
6 Flat Storage Lids


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Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection when painting. Always paint in a well-ventilated area away from open flame. Use a NIOSH-approved respirator.