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  • High Output Distributor - Chevy HEI 283-454 CID

    High Output Distributor - Chevy HEI 283-454 CID

    Item #11770

    Distributor - Chevy HEI Performance Unit


    100% new Chevy HEI "Performance" Distributor takes drivability and acceleration to a whole new level Replace your worn and tired original HEI or points unit with this all-new, high-output "Performance" ignition distributor and enjoy quicker starts, better fuel economy, better throttle response and increased power.
    • For ’55 to ’85 Chevys, small or big block applications
    • High-voltage ignition coils—50,000 volts
    • 100% new, OE-equivalent unit and electronics

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    About High Output Distributor - Chevy HEI 283-454 CID

    Precision-machined housings assure consistent spark up to 6,500 rpm. High dielectric-strength molded cap and copper terminals eliminate cross fire. Comes complete with rotor, cap and high-voltage 50,000-volt coil to assure the best spark possible under high compression and high engine loads. 6-1/2 lbs. About 12" long.

    NOTE: If you are replacing a points distributor, you must run a full 12-volt circuit to the distributor.


    1955-1985 Chevy small and big block applications


    Don't touch the coil when the unit is running.

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