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    Eastwood Master Blaster-Dual Blaster

    Item #11737 Brand: Eastwood

    Switch "on the fly" between soda and abrasive media...or combine!


    Eastwood "Master Blaster" Dual Blaster lets you switch "on-the-fly" between soda and abrasive media, or a combination of both!

    • Exclusive Mixing Valve
      - offers “on-the-fly” control of each media.
    • Quickly blast away years of paint and corrosion
      - on auto parts, fiberglass boats, outdoor furniture, metal railings/doors or virtually any object you want to clean and refinish.
    • Quick change valve
      - allows operator to go from blasting rust to paint removal.
    • Utilize bicarbonate soda for paint removal
      - on plastic, fiberglass, wood, chrome, stainless steel and any other soft metal with out damage.
    • Utilize aggressive media
      - for heavy rust and paint removal cast iron, steel, etc.
    • Quality construction
      - heavy gauge, fully welded and powder coated tanks and frame.
    • A “must have tool”
      - for any maintenance shop where rust is a problem and paint removal is necessary such as fabrication shops, weld shops, trailer repair, automotive repair and restoration, heavy equipment repair, small engine maintenance facilities, etc.

    The dual tanks each hold 100 lbs of media and operate on as little as 10 cfm at 120 psi. This unit now offers the professional and do-it-yourselfers the ability to use soda and aggressive media in one unit, with on-the-fly controls to switch between each media or a blend of both.

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    About Eastwood Master Blaster-Dual Blaster

    Use soda blast supplies to remove coatings on delicate substrates such as fiberglass, chrome or stainless...then easily switch on-the-fly to harsher abrasives such as crushed glass, glass bead or aluminum oxide to blast through heavy scale, rust or multiple coatings. It's a must-have tool for restoration and maintenance shops where rust and paint removal are issues on multiple surfaces such as fiberglass, steel, aluminum, etc. Each of the fully welded, powder-coated tanks holds 100 lbs. of abrasive media (75 lbs. of soda), and works on as little as 10 cfm at 90 psi. 10-ft.-long, heavy-wall blast hose. Imported.


    Unit weighs 80 lbs., and includes extra nozzles and moisture filter.


    (Q) What size of compressor is required?
    (A) Minimum 10-cfm, 90-psi compressor.

    (Q) Which nozzles can I use with the Master Blaster?
    (A) Use any of these nozzles: 51556 (2.0mm), 12111 (2.5mm), 12112 (3.0mm), or 51557 (5.0mm)


    WARNING: Pressure blasters and blast cabinets emit abrasive particles under high pressure. Adequate respiratory, eye, and body protection must be utilized at all times during product operation. Inhalation of silica-based media particles have been known to cause cancer and other deadly diseases and must be avoided. Always wear NIOSH-approved respiratory protection when operating the equipment.


    1-year mfr's. warranty against defects.


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    Accessories & Consumables

    Replacement Parts

    51556 2.0mm nozzle (requires minimum 6-cfm 60-psi compressor)
    11917 Moisture Trap
    11914 Outer and Inner Valve
    11902 3-Way Manifold
    11897 First Air Pipe
    11900 Second Air Pipe
    11861 Seal Ring


    Deluxe Blasting Hood
    Ground Glass, 40-70 Grit
    Glass Bead, 100-170 Grit
    Glass Bead, 70-100
    Aluminum Oxide 60 Grit
    Aluminum Oxide 90 Grit
    Automotive M Soda Media
    Automotive XL Soda Media
    Rust Removal XL Soda with Aluminum Oxide
    After Blast, 1 Gallon

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