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    Eastwood Master Blaster-Dual Blaster

    Item #11737 Brand: Eastwood

    Switch "on the fly" between soda and abrasive media...or combine!


    Eastwood "Master Blaster" Dual Blaster lets you switch "on-the-fly" between soda and abrasive media, or a combination of both! Eastwood's exclusive combination soda blaster and abrasive blaster features our patent-pending "Mixing Valve" that lets you switch instantly between full-flow soda media for gentle-to-mild cleaning or paint removal on stainless, chrome, aluminum or fiberglass, and full-flow aggressive abrasive media for removing even the heaviest rust from frames and suspension components. Also allows infinite "on-the-fly" mixing of the two medias for controlled removal of paint or rust/corrosion on virtually any surface. A must for the serious restorer!
    • Switch between medias in seconds, or mix at an infinite ratio between the two
    • On-the-fly switching or mixing saves you money and cuts blasting times in half
    • Includes extra nozzles and moisture separator
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    About Eastwood Master Blaster-Dual Blaster

    Use soda blast supplies to remove coatings on delicate substrates such as fiberglass, chrome or stainless...then easily switch on-the-fly to harsher abrasives such as crushed glass, glass bead or aluminum oxide to blast through heavy scale, rust or multiple coatings. It's a must-have tool for restoration and maintenance shops where rust and paint removal are issues on multiple surfaces such as fiberglass, steel, aluminum, etc. Each of the fully welded, powder-coated tanks holds 100 lbs. of abrasive media (75 lbs. of soda), and works on as little as 10 cfm at 90 psi. 10-ft.-long, heavy-wall blast hose. Imported.


    Unit weighs 80 lbs., and includes extra nozzles and moisture filter.


    (Q) What size of compressor is required?
    (A) Minimum 10-cfm, 90-psi compressor.

    (Q) Which nozzles can I use with the Master Blaster?
    (A) Use any of these nozzles: 51556 (2.0mm), 12111 (2.5mm), 12112 (3.0mm), or 51557 (5.0mm)


    WARNING: Pressure blasters and blast cabinets emit abrasive particles under high pressure. Adequate respiratory, eye, and body protection must be utilized at all times during product operation. Inhalation of silica-based media particles have been known to cause cancer and other deadly diseases and must be avoided. Always wear NIOSH-approved respiratory protection when operating the equipment.


    1-year mfr's. warranty against defects.


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    Accessories & Consumables

    Replacement Parts

    51556 2.0mm nozzle (requires minimum 6-cfm 60-psi compressor)
    11917 Moisture Trap
    11914 Outer and Inner Valve
    11902 3-Way Manifold
    11897 First Air Pipe
    11900 Second Air Pipe
    11861 Seal Ring


    Deluxe Blasting Hood
    Ground Glass, 40-70 Grit
    Glass Bead, 100-170 Grit
    Glass Bead, 70-100
    Aluminum Oxide 60 Grit
    Aluminum Oxide 90 Grit
    Automotive M Soda Media
    Automotive XL Soda Media
    Rust Removal XL Soda with Aluminum Oxide
    After Blast, 1 Gallon

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