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Let's Talk...Good Vibrations
By Mike Engle



A few years ago, I bought a high-performance car stereo system. It set me back about $1,600. I installed it into my 1990 Chevy Beretta GT. After a 6-pack and 5 hours of swearing, a friend and I had finished the job. Everything looked good...then it was time for the ultimate test. I placed the key into the car's ignition, turned it, and boom boom! Everything seemed OK initially. Then, to our surprise, we simultaneously came to the realization that we couldn't hear the music because of all the noise we were hearing.

It hadn't occurred to us that 1,000 watts of pulsating bass pumping through my 12" JL speakers would cause the car to rattle so much. Inside the car, the rattling was real bad, but outside of the car it was even worse. We tried everything to stop the rattle. We recruited some help, but even four people sitting on the trunk didn't stop the car from vibrating! We panicked. What could we do to stop it?

We racked our collective brains for an answer. We decided to try our luck at a local car audio store. We were told that their experts could stop my car from literally rocking and rolling for a mere $150! I looked at the guy and replied, "Do I look nuts?" and we all walked out the door. At that point, I was heart broken. Then, it hit me—the proverbial light bulb went off in my head. I picked up my dad's Eastwood catalog.

As I was thumbing through the pages, I noticed a product called Dynamat. The catalog explained that it's effective in virtually eliminating vibrations and dampening road noise in cars. I learned that the Dynamat material adheres to sheet metal, fiberglass, plastic and wood, and can easily be cut to size. Sensing that I had nothing to lose, I bought three rolls of Dynamat Original, along with a Dynamat Applicator Roller. Also check out Eastwood's Dynamat Extreme products.

I invested another $60.00 into the project for the Dynamat and the roller, as well as an additional hour for installation. Now, it was do or die. I again turned the key in the ignition, this time with a bit of serious anticipation coupled with a nervous twitch. And...boom boom!

NO RATTLE! I got out, listened from the outside of the car, and, nothing! The only sounds to be heard were the good vibrations of bass and the music. Not only did Dynamat put an end to the rattling of the car caused by the speakers, it also increased the quality of the sound!