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Eastwood 1/4", 3/8" & 1/2' Drive 10 Piece Deep Socket Metric Sets

Item #30135 deep socket

Set includes 10 metric deep sockets


Eastwood 10 Piece Metric Deep Socket Sets are built for everyday use.

  • 4mm thru 13mm sizes
  • Deep sockets for extended bolts
  • Chrome vanadium steel
  • 6-point sockets
  • Lifetime warranty against mfr's. defects

Deep sockets are ideal for turning nuts on bolts when the bolt extends up into the socket, like with exhaust clamp bolts. For mechanical maintenance and repair requiring deep sockets, you won't find a better set than this 10-piece, 1/4"-drive metric set from Eastwood. Each is fully hardened chrome-vanadium steel for exceptional strength and durability, and the Surface DriveĀ® socket contact points virtually eliminate rounding of fasteners. Chamfered lead-ins allow the socket to slip onto the fastener and drive tool with ease. Exceeds ANSI Standards.

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About Eastwood 1/4", 3/8" & 1/2' Drive 10 Piece Deep Socket Metric Sets

Sockets have large, easy-to-read size markings, and the chrome finish wipes clean easily. Socket storage rail has metal clips to secure each socket.


30135-1/4" Drive
4mm 1/4"-drive Deep Socket
5mm 1/4"-drive Deep Socket
6mm 1/4"-drive Deep Socket
7mm 1/4"-drive Deep Socket
8mm 1/4"-drive Deep Socket
9mm 1/4"-drive Deep Socket
10mm 1/4"-drive Deep Socket
11mm 1/4"-drive Deep Socket
12mm 1/4"-drive Deep Socket
13mm 1/4"-drive Deep Socket
Hang-Up Socket Storage Rail

30136-3/8" Drive
10mm 3/8"-drive Deep Socket
11mm 3/8"-drive Deep Socket
12mm 3/8"-drive Deep Socket
13mm 3/8"-drive Deep Socket
14mm 3/8"-drive Deep Socket
15mm 3/8"-drive Deep Socket
16mm 3/8"-drive Deep Socket
17mm 3/8"-drive Deep Socket
18mm 3/8"-drive Deep Socket
19mm 3/8"-drive Deep Socket
Hang-Up Socket Storage Rail

30137-1/2" Drive
15mm 1/2"-drive Deep Socket
16mm 1/2"-drive Deep Socket
17mm 1/2"-drive Deep Socket
18mm 1/2"-drive Deep Socket
19mm 1/2"-drive Deep Socket
20mm 1/2"-drive Deep Socket
21mm 1/2"-drive Deep Socket
22mm 1/2"-drive Deep Socket
24mm 1/2"-drive Deep Socket
27mm 1/2"-drive Deep Socket
Hang-Up Socket Storage Rail


Always wear appropriate eye protection.


Lifetime Warranty. Engineered to Eastwood's specifications. Imported.

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