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Eastwood 8-Inch Teardrop Bullet T Dolly

Item #14520

8"-long Conical Bullet T-Dolly forms and shapes metal with precision


8" Conical Bullet T-Dolly helps you form and shape metal with precision.

Just like the specialty forming tools used by auto body shops and fabricators, this conical bullet T-dolly forms and shapes flanges and edges. 8" conical length tapers to a point.

  • Form different types and sizes of curves; ideal for shrinking
  • Clamp into any vise
  • Polished forming surfaces for consistent, smooth forming

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About Eastwood 8-Inch Teardrop Bullet T Dolly

Simply place the 8" conical bullet T-dolly in your vise and hammer the metal over the rounded dolly surface. Plastic or wood mallets or slappers work best to form crowned edges, flanges or contours in sheet metal, steel, aluminum. High-quality carbon steel T-dolly has forming surfaces that are polished and clear-coated for consistent and smooth forming.


8"-long Conical Bullet T-Dolly with diameter range of 0.395 to 1.440-inch


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DO NOT HIT HAMMER DIRECTLY ON TO FORMING SURFACE! Chipping could occur causing personal and/or property damage. Always wear eye and skin protection when using this product.