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Eastwood Abrasive Blast Cabinet

Item #20027 Brand: Eastwood

Eastwood's Blast Cabinet is ideal for blasting large automotive parts.


Effectively Blast Large Vehicle Parts.

The Eastwood Abrasive Blast Cabinet provide you with an effective abrasive blasting tool that is easy to assemble and has a large internal size. This blast cabinet has an internal light, low volume, non-duning hopper design with a high flow 15” Hg blast gun. It also has a large top opening design that eliminates the need for side doors and allows you to settle the cabinet against a wall in a shop. Plus, it comes with replacement window liners and grip-textured gloves to ensure a secure grasp on all objects.

  • 33” width by 60” height by 24” depth
  • Easy bolt design assembles in 2 hours with 2 people
  • Vacuum port designed for 1 1/2" vacuum hose
  • Large 22” by 10.5” viewing window
  • Requires 7 cfm @ 90 psi
  • Cabinet ships FedEx ground

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About Eastwood Abrasive Blast Cabinet

The Abrasive Blast Cabinet is the largest blast cabinet on the market that does not require truck shipping costs or drop gate fees, saving you a lot of money. It is built very sturdily with the capability to hold items up to 125 pounds. It has a wide top opening allowing you to fit 20” wheels, underhood components, suspension components and more. It has an internal hopper design that eliminates duning of deep V hoppers that other competing models struggle with. For best results, use with a compressor capable of at least 10cfm @ 80-90 psi.


Compartment size - 36 inch w x 23 inch H x 24 inch Deep. Overall height 5 ft. width 30 inch , depth 24 inch . Hopper design works with as little as 50 lbs of media.
Replacement gloves 20070
Replacement lens covers 20071
Replacement nozzles 20068


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Always wear eye protection and use with vacuum


365 day warrany. Made in china

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