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Eastwood Brake Bleeder

Item #30178 Brand: Eastwood

Bleed brakes by yourself without depressing the pedal or wasting fluid with this newly improved designed Eastwood Brake Bleeder.


The new Eastwood Brake Bleeder allows you to do the job of bleeding the brake system all by yourself without depressing the brake pedal or wasting any fluid. This newly improved design creates vacuum in your caliper and brake line to pull out air, old fluid and dirt. The Eastwood Brake Bleeder can also be used as a vacuum pump to perform a wide range of automotive diagnostic testing. The kit comes complete in a blow molded case with: hand pump with gauge, reservoir jar, storage lid, 3 valve adapters, necessary hoses and additional fittings.

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About Eastwood Brake Bleeder

One Hand Operation to Quickly Bleed Out a Brake System


Vacuum Pump with Gauge, Reservoir Jar, Reservoir Cap, storage lid, 6 Fittings, Necessary Hoses


Wear Approved Safety Goggles


1 Year, Made in China

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