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  • Eastwood Contour Non Woven Hand Pads 3pk

    Eastwood Contour Non Woven Hand Pads 3pk

    Item #15176 Eastwood Contour Non Woven Pads 3pk

    Eastwood Contour Non Woven Hand Pads 3pk


    3 Pack non-woven abrasive hand pads

    Eastwood’s non-woven, abrasive scuff sanding pads are a great alternative, for general use, to steel wool. Cleans, scuffs and smoothes without leaving metallic fiber behind. The maroon medium grade is good for cleaning and fine finishing.

    • Three maroon medium grade hand pads
    • Perfect for cleaning and fine finishing
    • Use instead of steel wool
    • Leaves no metallic particles behind

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    About Eastwood Contour Non Woven Hand Pads 3pk

    Don't need a box of 50 Nonwoven hand pads? Now you can get only what you need with Eastwood's Contour Job Pack line of quality abrasives. These 3 packs of hand pads give you the right amount of abrasives to do the job right. Use the coarse grit MAROON pads for scuffing and cleaning rough surfaces. Use the medium grit GREEN for cleaning and surface prep. Use the Fine grit GRAY pads for scuffing top coats prior to painting and touch ups. Packaged 3 pads per box.


    3 pads per package


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