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JMark A. Robidoux, Product Manager and Inventor

Mark A. Robidoux, Product Manager

Just like other Eastwood team members, I have been involved with cars and airplanes my entire life.  After completing a Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Science, I started my career working in general aviation as a FAA mechanic and then switched to the automotive aftermarket.

A few of my industry accomplishments include, 7 U.S. patents and 12 Provisional patents. My 10 years at Eastwood, developing new products, have been the best. Our R&D team here is great. We help each other during the day and occupy our off time working on personal projects.

My time spent in aviation was rewarding with some amazing experiences including, hot refueling on the Blue Angles F-18’s, rebuilding power plants, magnetos, recovering fabric aircraft and setting thousands of -4 rivets. Each has been a learning experience and a life lesson in metal working knowledge from seasoned veterans.

My time in the aftermarket and particularly at Eastwood has been just as rewarding. I spend part of the week conceiving, designing and building prototypes with the other half of the week spent managing the welding, metal fab and blasting/buffing categories.

Since I am also a hobbyist and always with a project, I deal with the same issues as our customers. Other Eastwood team members and myself bring in their “problems” each Monday. We then brainstorm, build concept prototypes and ultimately design the “solutions” that ends up as an Eastwood Exclusive tool for you, our customers. These products help make the hobby a little more enjoyable and definitely more rewarding.

John Robinson, Product Manager

John "JR" Robinson,
Senior Product Manager

I am a motor head to the core and have been in the automotive industry in some capacity since I was 16. I am an avid drag racer and have owned more than 40 cars, trucks & motorcycles since I was 15.

I came to Eastwood in 2006 with a diverse 15+ year hands-on automotive aftermarket background in product development, marketing and manufacturing. I have developed and marketed products for all the large automotive retailers, jobbers, installers and performance retailers. Since 1999, I have been specializing in chemicals, paints and coatings with an emphasis on aerosol development, manufacturing and marketing.

Personally, I am the proud father of two daughters and am very active in their upbringing, academics and sports. When I’m not doing “all things automotive”, I enjoy traveling, working on my house and spending time with friends and family.

We are truly fortunate here in the Eastwood R&D Department, we have a great team with diverse backgrounds and we all share the same automotive passion. We understand our customers and face the same hurdles and issues in our own personal projects; it’s what fuels us to help you do the job right.