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    Sept. 2007
    part #50242ZP

    epoxy premier

    50242ZPEpoxy Primer - Gray1 Quart
    50243ZPEpoxy Primer Catalyst1 Quart
    50244ZPEpoxy Primer - Gray1 Gallon
    50245ZPEpoxy Primer Catalyst1 Gallon

    Eastwood’s direct-to-metal Epoxy Primer suits a variety of needs, providing exceptional resistance to corrosion, fast build, superb color holdout and unsurpassed adhesion to bare metal substrates. This 2-part system is a must-have for any restoration project. Features the superior durability of a catalyzed system, but without isocyanates, lead or chromate. Thanks to excellent filling qualities, this epoxy is ideal for use after sand or media blasting. This system is National Rule Compliant (Primer; Max VOC 4.8 lbs./gal.).

    This product was designed, and is intended solely, for use by trained professionals. Read all warning statements and heed all recommended safety precautions before proceeding.

    DO NOT USE THIS SYSTEM WITHOUT SUFFICIENT VENTILATION. Users must wear an appropriate, properly fitted, NIOSH-approved, activated-charcoal cartridge respirator if a forced fresh-air system is not available. Always wear eye and face protection, as well as gloves and protective clothing. Do not use this product, or be exposed to spray mist/vapors, if you have respiratory problems. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS.

    This system comprises multiple components. Once mixed, this system will have hazards of all components. Read warnings on all packages before opening.

     SURFACE PREPARATIONS For use over bare metal once previous finish has been blasted or stripped, and all traces of surface rust have been removed. Clean surface with Eastwood's PRE Painting Prep, a strong solvent blend designed to remove tar, wax, grease, road grime, silicone and surface contaminants. If any new or smooth metal remains, be sure to abrade surface, then re-clean with PRE or other appropriate solvent. When applying Eastwood Epoxy Primer over existing finishes, use the same steps starting with PRE Painting Prep. Abrade the surface with 320- to 400-grit sandpaper, then re-clean with PRE or other appropriate solvent to remove any debris prior to application.

    After shaking/stirring primer, thoroughly mix 1 part primer and 1 part catalyst. No induction time is required with this epoxy system.

    To reduce film build, 1:1 mixture may be cut by up to 20% with our Zero-VOC Urethane Reducer or other appropriate solvent. Doing this may also improve the flow and leveling of epoxy primer. Eastwood suggests using the zero-VOC reducer to avoid potential compliance issues.

    Use caution in mixing materials since epoxy primer may begin to gel after approximately 90 minutes (at 70°F).

    Type of gun:HVLPConventional GravityConventional Siphon
    Fluid tip:1.4—1.8 mm1.4—1.6 mm1.6—1.8 mm
    Spray pressure:8-10 psi45-55 psi45-55 psi

    Eastwood Epoxy Primer should be applied in medium wet coats, with a 30-minute flash period between each (at 70°F). Typically, one or two coats is enough to achieve the desired 1-mil. dry film thickness, though more material may be applied as needed. Additional build requires longer flash periods between coats.

    Epoxy primer may be topcoated after approximately 30 minutes (wait 45-60 minutes after applying more than two coats), or up to about five days. After five days, primer MUST be scuff-sanded prior to topcoat application.

    May be sanded (wet) the day after application. Wait two or three days before sanding dry.


    Make sure all containers are sealed tightly immediately after each use. Gun and equipment may be cleaned with Eastwood's Aerosol-Injected Cleaner or other appropriate solvent.

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