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Eastwood's Industrial Rubber Air Hoses 3/8 inch

Item #70491 Air Hose

Eastwood 3/8"-dia. Air Hose resists oil, solvents, weather


3/8"-dia. Air Hoses resist oil, solvents, and whatever the weather throws at them.

3/8" Rubber Air Hoses have the top quality and affordability you expect from Eastwood, with swaged solid brass end fittings, and a bursting pressure of 1070 PSI.

  • 300 PSI maximum working pressure
  • Withstands from –40 degreesF to +190 degreesF

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About Eastwood's Industrial Rubber Air Hoses 3/8 inch

High-quality air hose is weather-, oil- and solvent-resistant, and its EDPM rubber coating ensures long-lasting durability. Solid brass end fittings are swaged onto the hose ends, not crimped. Hose ends are 1/4" NPT male. Class "C" medium oil-resistance.


3/8" Rubber Air Hose


Apply Teflon® tape to the threads to ensure a leak-free seal.


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Make sure compressor is off, and the air line is not pressurized, before installing coupler and connectors. Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection when using air tools. Follow manufacturer's recommended operating air pressure. For longer tool life, use proper air filtration and lubrication (see "Accessories" tab).

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