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Eastwood Rechargeable 7 SMD LED Worklight

Item #30758 Brand: Eastwood

Pocket sized rechargeable LED flashlight and work light

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Pocket sized rechargeable LED flashlight and work light.

  • 6 SMD LED work light = 200 lumens
  • 1 SMD LED flashlight = 90 lumens
  • Long lasting lithium ion battery
  • Swiveling magnetic base and hanging hook
  • Retracts for easy storage anywhere
  • 3 hours per charge in work light mode
  • 6 hours per charge in flashlight mode
  • 12v and 110v charger included

Perfect emergency light to keep in your glove compartment. Its lithium ion rechargeable batteries offer 6 hours of flashlight use, or 3 hours of work light. With a magnetic base and hanging hook, the 6 SMD LEDs on the retractable work light provide 200 lumens exactly where you need them for roadside repairs. The one LED flashlight on the end provides 90 lumens just where you need it. These advanced SMD LEDs are 2 times brighter than regular LEDs. Recharges in 6 hours from any 12v car outlet, or 110v wall outlet with included charger.

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About Eastwood Rechargeable 7 SMD LED Worklight

This is a super bright 290 lumen handheld worklight that has 6 surface mount LEDs in the center section work light as well as one surface mount LED in the head of the unit to be used as a flashlight. This unit has a rechargeable 3.7v 1500Mah Li ion battery and comes with both a house and a car charger. Run time with the worklight is about 3 hrs. Runtime with the flashlight is about 6 hours. Total charge time is about 5 6 hours. This light also comes with a magnetic rotating base with a hanging hook so you are sure to get this light situated the way you need it.


Contains one rechargeable light, one wall charger and one car charger


Never shine LED lights directly in the eyes of humans or animals. Never submerse this light in water. Do not sidpose of this light in a fire.


Made in China, 6 Month Warranty

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