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    Eastwood Rust Converter

    Item #51483 Eastwood Rust Converter

    Transforms surface rust into a paintable surface!

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    Rust Converter stops residual rust, and turns it into a black, protective, ready-to-paint coating, without sanding.

    • Just apply to transform the rust
    • Penetrates faster than other brands
    • No mixing needed

    Eastwood's own high-tech formula converts rust into a protective polymeric coating that's ready to go as a primer, and is compatible with most top coats. That new protective coating will also seal the surface against moisture to prevent future rust growth.

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    About Eastwood Rust Converter

    This high-tech formula halts residual rust in its tracks and converts it into a black protective polymeric coating that eliminates the need for sanding. The converted protective coating is a suitable primer, and is compatible with most top coats. Additionally, the protective coating will seal the surface against moisture to prevent future rust growth. Simply remove loose rust with a wire brush, then apply Eastwood’s Rust Converter. Allow to dry, then top coat it with a quality coating, such as Eastwood’s Chassis Black. Single component; no more mixing.



    10041Z PRE Painting Prep
    11949Z Low-VOC PRE Painting Prep
    16060 Rust Encapsulator
    10025Z Chassis Black
    11175Z Extreme Chassis Black
    10426Z Underhood Detailing Kit


    Always use appropriate eye, skin, and respiratory protection when using this product. Safety information is also described on the container. Consult MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for proper safety requirement.


    Eastwood Rust Converter will convert areas only where rust is present. If there is no rust present, there will be nothing for the product to react with and adhere to. You will only see it convert rust in the areas where rust is present.

    The surface should be clean and dry before application of Rust Converter. If moisture is present or the surface is damp, it can cause the product to dry milky white or not adhere to surface.

    When preparing the surface, it is important not to take it down to the bare metal. If this occurred, a metal primer is needed in place of the rust converter. To prepare the surface, remove loose particles of rust and debris with a wire brush or rag. Remove any grease, oil, or salt residue using PRE. Please note that any residue left on the surface will interfere with the adhesion of the product.

    Eastwood Rust Converter should be stored in a cool dry place, protected from freezing or temperatures above 100 degreesF. Optimum results are obtained when the surface temperature and the product are between 50 degreesF and 95 degreesF. Do not apply if the surface temperature is below 50 degreesF as it will take longer for the product to react and form a hard surface. This can also cause the product to dry milky white or not fully adhere to the rust. If the temperature of the surface is significantly higher than 95 degreesF, it can cause some of the components to evaporate too quickly and interfere with adhesion.

    Application — It is important to apply a thin coat first and allow it to dry before applying a second coat. Allow the surface to cure for 48 hours and protect it from moisture, rain or dew. On thick areas or deep encrustations of rust, it is important to wire-brush these areas to as level to the surface as possible without removing all the rust. The product will absorb into deep rust, leaving little product on the surface, resulting in rust bleed-through if not properly prepped.


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