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    Eastwood Metal Wash

    Item #10120 Eastwood's Metal Wash

    Preps any base metal for long-
    lasting topcoat; cleans and protects


    • Preps any base metal for long lasting topcoat
    • Clean and protects in one step
    • Non-toxic compound removes various contaminants and prevents corrosive creep
    • Just mix with hot water for desired quantity
    • Economical

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    About Eastwood Metal Wash

    Promote topcoat adhesion on bare metal. Metal Wash cleans and protects in one quick step without using harsh or flammable solvents. This non-toxic compound removes grease, oily preservatives and contaminants, leaving behind corrosion inhibitors that prevent flash rusting for up to 3 weeks and promotes adhesion of paints and powder coatings. Ideal for the preparation of any base metal, including freshly abrasive blasted parts (even after blasting, surface contaminants remain). Economical to use, metal wash is a dry compound that can be mixed with hot water in whatever quantity is needed (makes 7 quarts)

    An effective degreaser concentrate - add a teaspoon to any wet tumbling action for improved cleaning.One year hassle free warranty.


    One 7 oz. container mixes with water to make up to 2 1/2 gallon of cleaning solution.


    Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection

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