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EW Rubber and Vinyl Restore 6 oz

Item #13655Z Brand: Eastwood

Avoid expense of replacing weather-stripping, vinyl tops, floor mats...


Revitalize and recondition old rubber, plastic and vinyl, and you'll avoid costly replacement Eastwood's Rubber, Plastic & Vinyl Restore is a unique, deep-penetrating formula that actually rejuvenates and restores dried-out rubber, plastic and vinyl. Brings back that lost elasticity, giving new life to your rubber, plastic and vinyl parts for longer service.
  • Penetrates deep into rubber, plastic or vinyl
  • Conditions material and restores elasticity
  • Includes 3 foam applicator brushes

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About EW Rubber and Vinyl Restore 6 oz

Eastwood's Rubber & Vinyl Restore is a unique formula that actually rejuvenates and restores dried out rubber and vinyl. It's deep penetrating formula restores elasticity and conditions rubber & vinyl, keeping it pliable for a long time. Restoring it saves you the expense of replacing costly weather-stripping, vinyl tops, floor mats and so much more. One 6 ounce bottle covers about 10 square feet. Square footage may vary depending on condition of rubber/vinyl.


6 fluid oz.
1 set of 3 sponge brushes


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Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection. Use in a well ventilated area, away from open flame. Consult MSDS for specific safety warnings.


1. Ensure the surface is clean of grease, oils and debris. 2. Apply to entire surface using an acid-brush or foam brush. A little goes a long way and its deep penetrating action begins immediately 3. Apply two light coats, allowing 24 hours between each coat. 4. DO NOT APPLY TO SUSPENSION BUSHINGS, HOSES, TIRES OR ANY CRITICAL COMPONENTS! SEAT APPLICATION COULD DAMAGE CLOTHES IF EXCESS IS NOT WIPED OFF.DAMAGE COULD OCCUR TO OLDER PAINT AVOID contact with painted surfaces.If contact occurs,immediately WIPE OFF

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