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Eastwood Slow, Medium & Fast Urethane Reducer Quart

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A premium-quality, alcohol- and water-free urethane reducer, designed to be used with Eastwood's Single-Stage urethane paints, Ceramic Engine paints, Ceramic Underhood Black, Ceramic Chassis Black, Candees and even the Low-VOC basecoats in areas where VOC limits allow. May also be used to cut viscosity and aid flow in Eastwood 2K urethane primers, epoxy primer and any of Eastwood's urethane clearcoats.

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About Eastwood Slow, Medium & Fast Urethane Reducer Quart

Slow reducer - temperatures between 80-90 degrees F
Medium reducer - temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees F
Fast reducer - temperatures below 70 degrees F


32 Fl Ounces, one US Quart


51550 Concours HVLP Paint Gun,
12776 Evolution HVLP Paint Gun,
20473 2 Stage air dryer System,
12846Z Aerosol Injected Cleaner,
51561z Norton liquid Ice Polishing kit,
12054 Medium Wave IR Lamp,
11979 EW Professional Body Hammers &Dollies


Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection. Always paint in a well ventilated area away from open flame. Consult MSDS for specific safety warnings.

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