Eastwood Shrinking Disc

Part #14050

Operating Instructions

The Eastwood Shrinking Disc relies on the friction created by the spinning disk to heat and shrink raised body sheet metal. Many find this method of shrinking metal to be easier, safer, and perhaps better, than traditional torch shrinking methods. The Eastwood Shrinking Disc is one of many tools you should use to straighten metal. As you practice with the Shrinking Disc you’ll see how this tool fits in with traditional hammer and dolly methods to minimize the use of body fillers.


Be sure to read and understand all instructions before using this and associated tools. The Eastwood Shrinking Disk was designed to provide many hours of safe operation. Constructed of heavy gauge stainless steel with bent edge help assure user safety, however edges may be sharp. Handle with care to avoid personal injury. The working surface of the disc becomes rough with use and should be cleaned with 80 grit sand paper before using the tool further. With use and cleaning the disk gradually wears thin. Regularly inspect the disk. Discontinue use if any cracks are noticed or if the disk becomes warped or discolored from heat.

Hearing, eye, hand and breathing protection are strongly recommended. The Eastwood Shrinking Disk, in use, produces sound levels that may lead to hearing loss so effective hearing protection like the (12378) Electronic Safety Earmuffs are recommended. Some metal particles are given off by the disk so effective eye protection like our (43090) Safety Goggles, or (13123) Face Shield must be used as well as a properly fitted dust mask like our (13000) Dust Mask or (34229) Professional Respirator. Protect your hands from sharp edges and heat of use with the (31010) Leather Palm Gloves.

Instructions Preparing the Surface and using your Shrinking Disc:

  1. Remove paint and other coatings from both sides of surface to be reconditioned. Paint and other coatings can be removed chemically with (10550 ZP) Paint Remover or the safer (10411) DEKOTE Paint Stripper. If preferred for faster results the coating can be removed by abrasive means using our (13397) Cleaning Disc or (31128) 50 Grit Bristle Disc.
  2. Use a hammer a dolly to get the surface close to the original contour. See (31063) The Key to Metal Bumping for detailed guidelines on how to straighten damaged metal.
  3. NOTE: The Shrinking Disc is for use on stretched metal (raised areas) only. Areas that are too low should be adjusted with a body hammer to get the surface close to the correct contour.
  4. Securely mount the shrinking disc in your angle grinder using the hard rubber backing pad that came with your grinder. This disc is designed for use on your 7-9” angle grinder and will work well with the (43311) Dewalt 1000-3000 RPM 7 & 9” Buffmaster or the (13322) ATD 7 in 1000/3000 rpm Shop Polisher. Make sure the retaining nut is properly tightened and is recessed below the working surface of the Shrinking Disc. If the grinder shaft extends beyond the shrinking disc surface, insert washers under the backing pad as needed to assure shaft and retaining nut are below the shrinking disc working surface.
  5. Momentarily trigger the grinder and check the disc for any warpage, discoloration or cracks. If any of these conditions exist discard disc and order a replacement. With use the working surface of your shrinking disc will become rough. This is normal, and can be smoothed by spinning the disc against a piece of 80 Grit abrasive paper.
  6. Now that you’ve assured the disc is sound and in a condition ready to be used, use a pump spray bottle to apply a light coating of soapy water onto the surface.
  7. Set the angle grinder at 2000 – 3000 rpm and make a light pass over the metal. This will highlight any low areas that need further straightening with a hammer and dolly. Use a body hammer to raise these low areas.
  8. NOTE: The area contacted by the shrinking disc will get hot. Spray with soapy water or use compressed air to cool the surface before touching the metal. The metal shrinks when it’s cooled.
  9. Repeat as necessary to assure the surface is reasonably straight.
  10. Again mist the surface with soapy water and lightly apply the spinning shrinking disc to the surface for a few seconds.
  11. Repeat as necessary until the surface is smooth and in the correct contour.
  12. If flat spots develop or other evidences of over shrinking are noticed use the hammer and dolly to stretch the effected area.
  13. Once surface shape has been restored prep as required for primer. See primer label for surface prep recommendations.

Other Suggested Products

10411   DEKOTE Paint Stripper
10550ZP   Paint Remover
12378   Electronic Safety Earmuffs
13000   Dust Mask
13064   Mandrel 1/4” (to mount 13397 Cleaning Disc in you electric drill)
13123   Face Shield
13322   ATD 7in 1000/3000 rpm Shop Polisher
13397   Cleaning Disc 6”
14050   Stainless Steel Shrinking Disc 9”
19064A   Flap Disc 40 Grit
31010   Leather Palm Gloves
31063   The Key to Metal Bumping Book
31128   Bristle Disc 4-1/2” 50 Grit
34229   Professional Respirator
43090   Safety Goggles
43311   Dewalt 1000-3000 RPM 7 & 9” Buffmaster