Eastwood Tank Tone Metallic Coating

Item #10030 Z Tank Tone

More than just gas-tank paint- metallic coating also helps prevent rust


Eastwood's Tank Tone is more than just gas-tank paint...metallic coating also helps prevent rust! Don't mistake this for ordinary silver gas-tank paint! This fuel-tank paint actually contains zinc to help protect your gas tank from rust.
  • Get an OEM look plus corrosion protection
  • Formulated with zinc to prevent tank rust
  • No primer needed

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About Eastwood Tank Tone Metallic Coating

This is not ordinary silver gas tank paint! This epoxy fuel-tank paint actually contains zinc to protect your gas tank from rust. Since many gas tanks came from the factory with a similar coating, spraying-on a fuel-tank paint is a natural part of your gas-tank restoration project.

For best results, remove all paint and undercoating from the tank before spraying this gas-tank paint. Works well over minor surface rust and helps stop its spread, to make your undercarriage detailing truly the best. Two cans are recommended for complete coverage on the average tank. No primer needed. Maximum temperature 300 degreesF.


13-oz. aerosol can covers approximately 8 sq. ft., so you'll need 2 cans for complete coverage while completing an average gas tank restoration.


11455, 11456 SAS Bandit Respirators


Use in a well-ventilated area, and wear a respirator (like our 11455, 11456 SAS Bandit Respirators).

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