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In Search of Buffing Excellence

Ask 100 enthusiasts what buffing means, you're likely to receive that many different answers, ranging from, "It's the next step after sanding," to "It's how to bring out the shine!" Both answers are correct, showing why understanding proper buffing materials and techniques are essential to achieving great results. Years of Eastwood customer input and testing by our employees allow us to deliver the right combination of products to bring virtually any metal surface to a mirror shine.

Buffing will level irregularities on the surface. It's a combination of the right materials and the proper technique that yields show-winning results. Buffing is the fastest and easiest way to bring out the "shine". Anyone can master the art of buffing with the right tools and techniques.

A Closer Look at the Art & Science

Eastwood has gone to great lengths to offer buffing products to assure your success, but your technique will enhance results. Contact pressure, buffing speed, dwell time and contact angle are key elements in achieving the desired results.

  • Contact pressure (pushing harder) yields a faster cut rate and more heat.
  • Buffing speed varies with wheel diameter. In most cases 3600 rpm is ideal for 4"- to 10"-diameter buffs. Smaller buffs, felt bobs, and mini buffs require higher speeds.
  • Dwell time is the time that a given area of the workpiece is under the buff. Too much dwell time may cause over-buffing and possibly result in waviness, heat distortion and rapid buff wear.
  • Contact angle is the orientation of the workpiece to the face of the buff. 5° to 15° is ideal and will often prevent the creation of grooves.

All the Products...and the Expertise to Go With it!

Eastwood's experts have selected the best mix of buffing tools and supplies to help you achieve great results. Use the selection charts inside the Buffing section of our online Tech Library to pick the right products for your projects...or you can talk to our experts when you visit our online forum, or choose from our how-to videos and DVDs to gain the knowledge you need. There's no better way to enhance your buffing skills.

When the time comes to outfit your shop for buffing and polishing, Eastwood has all the motors, wheels and compounds you could ever need. No matter if you want to buy a complete kit, including the freestanding buffing motor, or just want a simple drill mounted kit to polish small parts, we have it. And if you already have the motor, we have the wheels in many sizes and styles. We also carry a wide variety of compounds for buffing and polishing everything from cast iron and glass, to aluminum and brass.