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    Eastwood Turbine Paint Gun System

    Item #14878 Brand: Eastwood

    Even sprays household paints and Plasti Dip products


    Eastwood Turbine Paint Sprayer easily sprays household paints and Plasti Dip products for fast, even, coverage.

    Easy-to-use, easily affordable airless sprayer effectively applies a variety of coatings that spray paint guns can't, even latex paint and Plasti Dip. Atomizes and applies heavy and light coatings easily and efficiently.

    • 1.8mm needle nozzle
    • 5'-long hose
    • 1-qt. paint cup
    • Viscosity Cup
    • Shoulder Strap

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    About Eastwood Turbine Paint Gun System

    Turbine paint sprayer works with many popular coatings, including latex paint and Plasti Dip products. Compact design, easy-to-use fan controls. It's the economical alternative to expensive turbine guns.


    Eastwood Turbine Paint Sprayer
    1.8mm Needle Nozzle
    5'-long Hose
    1-qt. Paint Cup
    Shoulder Strap


    14879 Replacement 800ML Cup
    10041Z PRE Painting Prep
    14743 masking paper
    11456 respirator
    43098L Nitrile Gloves
    Plasti Dip Gallons
    13375 Soft Edge masking Foam
    12846Z Aerosol Injected Cleaner


    600 watts


    Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection when painting. Use in a well venmtilated area away from open flame. Read all instructions before using equipment.


    One year limited warranty. Imported

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