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Eastwood Rechargeable 120-LED Underhood Light

Item #30099 Brand: Eastwood

Bright, hands-free illumination, without cords


Rechargeable LED Underhood Light illuminates the entire engine compartment as it hangs out of your way.

Underhood LED light gives you bright, hands-free LED illumination of the entire engine compartment, reducing shadows and eliminating the need for awkward, dangerous halogen lights...no unwieldy cords either.

  • 120 surface-mount diode LEDs
  • Folds in half for easy storage
  • AC and DC chargers included
  • Extendable bars with foam-covered hooks use tension to keep a consistent fit on any surface from 53” to 72”.

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About Eastwood Rechargeable 120-LED Underhood Light

This LED Underhood Light includes a rechargeable 7.4v 2000mAH Li-Ion battery and comes with AC and DC chargers so you can recharge it anywhere. It’s 1,250 lumen output is sure to brighten up any project that you are working on.


Includes: Eastwood 120pc LED Underhood Light, AC Charging Plug, DC Charging Plug


How bright is this light? - Output is 1,250 lumens
How long does it take to charge? - 3.5 hours to charge
How long does it run off a charge? - 1 hour run-time


Always use tools and accessories for their intended purpose. Do not shine directly into eyes.


Made in China. 90 Day Warranty.

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