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    Eastwood Zinc Phosphate Aerosol

    Item #10281Z Zinc Phosphate

    Durable spray-on enamel matches OEM zinc phosphate plating


    Replicate charcoal gray OEM plating with our Zinc Phosphate Aerosol Durable spray-on enamel matches the OEM zinc phosphate plating you'll find on a wide variety of car parts.
    • Withstands up to 300 degreesF
    • 4% to 8% gloss
    • 12-oz. aerosol covers up to 6 sq. ft.

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    About Eastwood Zinc Phosphate Aerosol

    High-solids enamel duplicates the charcoal gray zinc phosphate plating on inner and outer tie rod ends, tie rod adjustment sleeves, center links, some spindles, hood hinges and latches, sway bars and some shift and carb linkages. Resists fading, chipping, fuel and UV. To remove residual grease and oil, use our 10041Z PRE Painting Prep before coating.


    One 12 ounce can aerosol available in 12 can case of 12 ounce aerosols.


    10041Z PRE Painting Prep


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