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HVLP Paint Spray Gun - Eastwood Evolution

Item #12776 Brand: Eastwood

Lightweight, ergonomic, sprays
beautifully...and saves you set-up time



Advanced engineering is just 1 reason this is your next "must-have" spray gun!

The Eastwood-Engineered Evolution™ HVLP Paint Gun is a uniquely versatile, gravity-feed auto spray gun that performs and feels like no other paint gun. Start with an air cap and nozzle designed to generate superior atomization, resulting in a finish you would normally expect from more expensive, higher-end, professional guns.

  • Paint longer with less fatigue! High-tech, ergonomic, composite body is precision-balanced and lightweight
  • Save set-up time! Setting indicators on air/paint knobs let you revert back to your favorite settings
  • Latest spray atomization technology and HVLP transfer efficiency
  • Requires 12 cfm at 43 psi
  • Includes 1.4mm nozzle and needle
  • Built to last even in professional environments

Lightweight, Ergonomic and Sprays Beautifully

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About HVLP Paint Spray Gun - Eastwood Evolution

The internal components of the Evolution Gravity Feed HVLP Paint Gun are made from stainless steel so you can run all types of coatings through it including waterborne paints. The machined brass air cap and precision machined nozzle ensure superior atomization for a car show finish. The Evolution auto spray gun is easy to use and its infinite adjustments make setting it up a snap.

  • Balanced and comfortable at any angle or position.
  • Lower air inlet knob for quick on-the-fly adjustments.
  • Air/paint mixture indicator makes set-up easy and consistent.
  • Wide spray range (up to 8") for small to large surfaces.
  • Stainless steel passages are compatible with all popular coatings.
  • Optional fluid tips and nozzles available.


1.4mm needle/nozzle; operates on 43 psi @ 12 cfm
550ml Plastic Cup
Cleaning Brush
Cup Filter
1/4" NPT Air Fitting


DeKups Adapter for Evolution gun
3M PPS Adapter for Evolution gun
SAS Bandit Respirator
1.7mm Needle/Nozzle Set
2.0mm Needle/Nozzle Set
Evolution Gun Stand
Eastwood Master Paint Prep Kit
1/4" Digital Regulator
4 Stage Air Dryer System
PRE Painting Prep


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Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection when painting.

Always paint in a well ventilated area.

Follow paint manufacturer's instructions and MSDS for specific safety warnings and precautions.

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