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Electronic Torque Angle Adapter

Item #13625 Brand: Eastwood

Add digital torque & angle
precision to your standard ratchet


Digital Torque-Angle Adapter turns a 3/8" or 1/2" ratchet into a precision torque wrench...also measures additional rotation angle Create a precise, electronic, torque/angle-measuring fastening tool for about the cost of an old-fashioned "clicker"-type torque wrench. Just connect this Digital Torque-Angle Adapter in between your standard ratchet and the socket or socket extension you're about to turn, and know you'll get accurate, torque-appropriate fastening.
  • Measures torque from 15-150 ft.-lbs. and 20-200Nm (Newton meters)
  • Accurate to +/-1%, clockwise and counterclockwise
  • Angle measurement for precision work on modern vehicles
  • Backlit digital LCD displays torque setting and torque reached
  • Buzzer sounds when preset torque is reached
  • Includes adapters for 3/8" and 1/2" drives

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About Electronic Torque Angle Adapter

Over-torque a bolt and it'll snap; under-torque it and it can loosen and get lost (as will the part you were trying to secure). Here's how to get it right, without having to buy a new torque wrench. Connect this Digital Torque-Angle Adapter in between your standard ratchet and the socket or socket extension you'll be turning. Digital display shows your torque setting and torque achieved, and you'll also get a visual and audible warning when you reach the set torque.

Measures not just the torque, but also the angle of additional rotation that goes just beyond the point where set torque is reached. This angle measurement is needed for precision work on many modern vehicles.

Frequently used torque readings can be set and stored in memory. Works with all brands of 3/8"- or 1/2"-drive ratchets. Design and engineered in the USA. Final product imported.


Digital Torque-Angle Adapter, with 3/8" and 1/2"-drive adapters, 2 lithium batteries, and storage case


1-year warranty.


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Wear appropriate eye protection.

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