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    Engine Porting Kit

    Item #46056 Brand: Eastwood

    Helps your engine "breathe" easier,
    to generate more HP and torque


    Engine Porting Kit can help your engine generate more power When serious engine builders "blueprint" an engine, they'll "port" or smooth-off rough head castings around the intake and exhaust ports for improved, smoother air flow. The engine can then "breathe" easier, resulting in greater power and efficiency.
    • Increase horse power and torque on any engine
    • Industrial Aluminum Oxide sanding rolls, designed for both cast iron and aluminum cyl. heads
    • Highest quality components on the market today
    • Detailed inst. allow you to port both heads in an evening
    • Developed to work with air or electric 1/4" collet die grinders
    • Lowest cost "complete" professional level kit available
    • Click the video below to see just how easy cylinder head porting is
    • A must for any performance engine build

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    About Engine Porting Kit

    Internal combustion engines are sophisticated air pumps that pull in an air/fuel mixture, compress it, ignite it, react to the ignition and expel the exhaust fumes. The better an engine pumps air, the more efficiently it will operate. This is one reason why we've seen a turn to multi-valve engines in recent years. More valves means more air moving through the engine. More air means greater engine efficiency – both more power and better fuel economy.

    When you "port" an engine, you remove imperfections and restrictions between the combustion chamber and intake manifold and, therefore, increase air flow. This is done by 1) "smoothing" (or, grinding) the passages in the intake manifold so that they are the same size as the gasket and cylinder head, and 2) removing "rough cast" or "flash" imperfections in the cylinder heads and exhaust manifolds.

    For best results use a high-speed grinder. To remove more aggressively, use carbide burrs.


    Forty 80-grit Abrasive Rolls (20 tapered and 20 cylindrical)
    4 Mandrels (2 each: 4" and 6" lengths)


    46028 Carbide Bead Burr
    13119 Grinder's Grease


    Download product instructions PDF

    Cylinder Head Porting Kit - How To Operate & Safety Instructions

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