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Evercoat® Featherfill G2 Buff

Item #19782ZP Evercoat Featherfill G2 Buff

Need more filler over self-etching primers? Use FeatherFill® G2™


When you need more filler over self-etching primers, use Evercoat FeatherFill® G2™, in buff color Many shops commonly apply self-etching primer to bare metal surfaces. But most polyester fillers and epoxy primers should not be applied directly over self-etching primers. So what do you apply when you need additional filling? Feather Fill G2 is the answer.
  • High-solids, high-build formula is an excellent foundation for any paint system
  • Buff color
  • Use your primer gun with a 1.7mm-2.2mm nozzle
  • Eliminates body filler staining

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MSDS Sheet

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Gallon Kit: 1-gallon can of Buff FeatherFill®, plus hardener
Quart Kit: 1-quart can of Buff FeatherFill®, plus hardener


14065 Additional Hardener

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