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    Evercoat® Slick Sand With Hardener

    Item #31108ZP Evercoat Slick Sand Quart With Hardener

    Sprayable primer/surfacer offers excellent adhesion to metal and more


    Evercoat® Slick Sand™ primes and levels all at once! This high-solids, extra high-build, polyester-based formula is a sprayable primer/surfacer that offers excellent adhesion to metal, galvanized metal, aluminum, wood, fiberglass, SMC, and body filler.
    • Ideally suited for large, uneven surfaces
    • Color coat can be applied directly on top
    • Includes MEKP activator
    • Available in 1-quart or 1-gallon can

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    About Evercoat® Slick Sand With Hardener

    Primes and levels all at once! As a primer it prevents bleed-through of fillers and as a surfacer fills minor pits. Won't shrink, sands easily (wet or dry), and is compatible with any top coat system. Easy spray-on application using your spray gun. Clear liquid hardener included. Requires a primer gun with a 1.7mm to 2.2mm fluid nozzle/air cap.


    Quart Kit: 1 Qt. with 1 oz. liquid catalyst. Fills surface irregularities up to 1/8" deep. Covers 15 sq. ft. approx.

    Gallon Kit: 1-gallon can of Evercoat® Slick Sand, plus liquid activator


    12416Z Eastwood Guide Coat, Black
    12417Z Eastwood Guide Coat, Tan

    MSDS Sheet

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