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Four Stage 2" Air Mgmt System 1/2" NPT

Item #51508 Brand: Eastwood

4-stage air desiccant system eliminates
need for multiple component filters


Eastwood's innovative clear view 4-Stage air desiccant system eliminates the need for multiple component filters. The first stage eliminates dirt and dust down to 40 microns. Stage two removes oil aerosols down to.0015 parts per million. While stage three lowers the dew point down to -30 degrees, removing all water vapors and the sintered bronze filter in stage four prevents any dust from entering the air system. 120 max psi. Made in the USA.

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About Four Stage 2" Air Mgmt System 1/2" NPT

Eastwood's innovative X-stage air desicannt system elimintaes the need for mulitple component air filters. Its requires minimal space and the desicannt can be seen from across the shop. This unique system has a moisture filter that removes particles as small as 40 micons. It also incoprorates an oil filter that remover oil aerosols down to.01 microns. Most desicannt systems use a sight glass to see the desicannt's effectiveness very difficult to see in a shop. Eastwood's clear cylinder allows you to see at a glance when its time change the desicannt. MADE IN USA


Holds X quarts of desicannt


51509replacement desicannt


What size line do I need 1/2" NPT What is max CFM? 30 Can I use with a refridgerated system? Yes What is max PSI? 175 How do I know when I need to replace desiccant? It has turned pink


Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection.