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Eastwood 7 Piece Hammer & Dolly Set

Item #11979 Brand: Eastwood

Repair dents and other imperfections with this comprehensive hammer & dolly set.

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Eastwood 7 Piece Hammer and Dolly Set - built for guys who demand the highest-quality tools every working day.

  • High quality fiberglass handles
  • Precision balanced for optimum impact
  • Precision machined and polished heads
  • Hardened and heat treated for a lifetime of service and reliability
  • Each Dolly is hardened and hand ground
  • Dolly's are tumble polished for a smooth forming surface
  • Dinging spoon is also heat treated and hand ground and for a straight and level hammering surface

Our R&D Department set-out to build a high-quality body hammer set for craftsmen that's also less expensive than top-of-the-line brand names, and this 7-pc. set is the shining result. It's been engineered to our rigorous specifications using the finest raw materials, including high carbon steel and strong fiberglass handles, giving you the highest-quality tools for general body repair and custom metal-working. (See "More Info" tab for specific uses.)

Hammers include:

  • Shrinking/Skinning Hammer
  • Cross Chisel Curved
  • Pick

Dollies include:

  • Toe Block
  • Heel Block
  • General Purpose
  • Light Dinging Spoon

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About Eastwood 7 Piece Hammer & Dolly Set

These hammers are powerful auto body tools made from high carbon steel, and are precision balanced for optimum impact. Each head is precision-machined, polished, hardened and heat-treated for a lifetime of service and reliability. Strong fiberglass handles with thick rubber grips add unmatched durability.

The three dollies have been designed to work on almost every surface angle and contour. Each is hardened and hand-ground, then tumble-polished, for a smooth forming surface. The dinging spoon is also heat-treated and hand-ground for a straight and level hammering surface.


  • Pick Hammer – Blunt point for raising low points and finessing character lines. Smooth, general-finishing face.
  • Cross-Chisel Curved Hammer – Curved chisel head provides access to tight inside corners. Smooth, convex face for general finishing.
  • Shrinking/Skinning Hammer – Cross-hatched face for shrinking work on large, flatter surfaces. Skinning head for installing door skins, working high crown areas and character lines.
  • Dinging Spoon – Offset handle and sharp edges for accessing sharp ridges and lines. DO NOT use as a pry tool.
  • Heel Dolly – Works well on larger curved surfaces and sharp inside corners.
  • Toe Dolly – For smoothing larger expanses. Sharp edges for corner work, and straight edges for working flanges. Thin for access in tight areas.
  • General-Purpose Dolly – Cantilevered edges for access to deeply recessed corners and lips. Integral hand-hold and mass are ideal for back-up on heavier hammer strikes.

    Aside from auto body repair and metal work, this hammer and dolly set can be also used for metal forming and shaping, general-purpose body repair, and custom fabrication.


    3 Hammers: shrinking/skinning, cross chisel curved, pick. 4 Dollies: toe block, heel block, general purpose, light dinging spoon

    Safety / Instructions

    Always wear eye and skin protection when working with metal.

    Click here for instructions


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